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Few words about me…

I’m Aayush Jain, and I was born in Agra (U.P.), India. I’ve been interested in Entrepreneurship, tech etc. since I can remember. I built my first website in 2015 and have been a full-time Blogger ever since.

Some not so interesting facts about me:

  • I have a younger brother.
  • I am currently pursuing my graduation from Jaypee University, Solan(H.P.), INDIA.
  • My hobbies are reading and swimming .

Here’s my Twitter account (@Aayushseo).

Why I launched Ideaplz.com?

As the name suggest, the prime motive of this website is to gives people ideas that most of us are always looking for! Sometimes we are just unable to find the exact results of our search queries..am i right ? So, here is this website to give the best solutions of common problems.

Moreover I love to write about crazy and random stuff which can influence people, something that only a few know about and having a Blog gives you an opportunity to reach to Millions of people within no time.

So keeping my goal to connect with million’s of people and share my views and solutions of common problem with them, I created ideaplz.

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Enjoy reading my guides!
Aayush jain