Different Human Breeds: The Study Of Human Behaviour

human behaviour study

Humans consist of people of a huge population where in hiding are some magicians who aren’t visible to plain eyes but to a screwed mind and tangy brain, a different face is revealed. These humans are wizards of passion are knowledge underneath a cloak of plain innocence and simplicity.

These people roam amongst us and can be our friends. Let’s make sure you understand them and respect them and their intellectual and physical prowess, So here are some different human breed based on the study of human behaviour.


It’s not a war with the world,

it’s a war with yourself to prove

something to you“. – Mudit

Being a rebel is not about running away from your problems but facing them in a style which defines you best.It is following your dreams and your passions and fighting for it and your ideals and principles. It is standing out of the crowd with your head held high and fighting for your people. It is all about loyalty, passion, and spirit. It is about being a soldier in a civil dress or a burning orifice.

They are people who may not fit very well in a team, turning impossible into possible and also may be lone warriors but seriously lend them an upper hand as they don’t need to have a baggage of feelings on their shoulders which may hold them back or may make them loose the sight of their goals.

Rebels are men of their word and will give up the world to succeed. They are men of passion or full of fiery fire burning deep inside them which even gets into the people nearby him. They do not fear anyone and have taken a path where they have to have extreme faith in themselves, they need to be determined, must have a great deal of self-confidence along with motivation and also must be able to fight with themselves in moments of weakness.

They need to be warriors with a stiff back, a brave face and a soft heart which will take them high and dry in their goals. These people don’t know how to get their heads bent but can go to any extent to hold their head high even in such a judgemental society.

They seem to care less for others opinions but focus on their goals and are fully concentrated and have the aim in sight and may even take some paradoxical steps to reach there.

2) Sociopath

It’s not a disease but

an essence of solitary solace” – Mudit

Being a sociopath means to be a person eclipsed from the world to a condition of epiphany when he feels truly relaxed with one’s own demons and angels.

It’s not something that can be termed as the confinement of one’s soul in one’s own body but it is a state of complete freedom from the tyrants of the world into a land of unicorns for one and dead pool for the other. It’s something which keeps one happy and loves oneself.

Sociopaths are not only the ones who have had a troubled childhood but also people who are exemplary and extra intelligent and have a really high IQ which is beyond the understanding of a common man. They may consider him a FREAK but he is just someone probably much superior to them in his mental or physical prowess or both.

Sociopaths are generally calm but short tempered and have an acute knowledge of many theoretical files. They are a group which has a sense of mystery and intrigue attached to them.

They are hence a subject of interest or fear to the society. They have a charm which is indistinguishable and a sort of feeling can be derived from them which lifts the spirit off any humane human.

3) Nerd

A soft heart, exemplary IQ

and a geeky spectacle with a tangy smile” – Mudit

Nerds are people with a very high IQ and a greatly sharp brain which challenges every discovery, rule, research humans have accomplished.It is a sort of trance where people who like to study and question and have a very inquisitive mind or a curious mind.

They may even go through a troubled childhood or may get bullied as they will be more intelligent than others of their age group. They may also be comic book fans or superhero lovers and collector of action figures as in them they will find protectors whom they will think as a guiding light.

Nerds usually wear glasses and are found in libraries and also are great gamer’s who are addicted to it as they can take out their frustration and stress on such games which they can’t do in their real life and may find themselves having the required physical strength they desire in such gaming stereos.

They are usually bad at relationships and have a very logical and sharp mind and are able to grasp concepts in real life at a very fast pace which make them have some sort of intellectual genius which makes a lot of people jealous.

These people are usually peace loving guys and are lost in their own world of science or acts and their other geeks. They are players of fantasy games and also have a great deal of insight into almost everything and anything which also make them very useful in almost every situation.

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