9 Effective Tips You Must Follow To Become Rich

We keep looking for the answer of how to become rich, right? So here are 9 effective tips which will help you to become rich fast.


It’s quite easy to become rich (very easily a millionaire at least) in a country like India with a super economy growth. You just need to follow these steps to become successful but with acute precision and dedication. So, here are some steps to become rich:

1. Get an idea which is new and innovative and at the same time solves the problems of people as only then will they be genuinely attracted towards your idea.


Begins With An

Idea. -Earl Nightingale

See attached innovators list with ideas with tremendous potential and ideas which worked. These ideas were meant to change lives and makes things technologically easily and hence took their thinkers to great heights and of course “BIG PAYCHECKS”.



2. Believe in your idea and work out the resources available and collect past experiences from people in that field. Collecting the DATA is the most important thing for your ideas to take a shape. Do not drop the ideas if resources are not satisfying but work harder and logically proceed forward.

3. Be determined to excel and also work hard to attain your targets with punctuality and also, make a routine of the next day beforehand.

4. Bring in your friend and support system I.e. your family to support you in your mission or even give them some space in your organisation to have trusted people nearby you to motivate you.

5. Find suitable investors and try to share your idea with suitable philanthropists or startups investors such as TATA Inc.

6. Manage your time your resources well and make an impact on the society. The most import thing in business that is turnover depends on two factors I.e. mass (a lot of people ) or profit ratio which are inversely related to each other.

If the no. of people buying a product is more than the profit ratio will we less as a lot of people and less turnover to profit ratio is equal to less no. of people and more profit ratio.

So it is important to have a large no. of people using your product and for that your idea should be very attractive and properly working.

7. The secret also lies in understanding the society and how it works or how does it function and the basic amenities required for it to process its laws and the way the general people or the public of a country live their daily life.

If a person studies human psychology he understands the need of the society in a better way which helps him to understand the needs of the society in a better way. This helps him to understand the resources need by that person.

8. Think beyond imagination, Just think something which none can imagine, Play a lot of video games or read books that boost imagination.

Video games on different consoles help a person to analyze tough situations and comprehend them and also act under pressurized conditions, do some weirdly wonderful acts and also do take out your anger on such games to calm yourself and getting rid of stress in personal life.

9. Never ever bring your professional life into your personal life as it complicates them both and makes life hell for you. You are never able to understand the complexities and get wrapped in them which causes nothing but grief to you and also disturbs you mentally and reduces your accuracy and feasibility and also your performance.

Remember Never ever give up because you never now the instant when your luck chance upon and the money starts pouring in.

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