9 Best Ways To Make The Impossible Possible

9 ways to make the impossible possible

First of all, we need to understand the term impossible. What is impossible??

Its definition means a feat which is not achievable due to various reasons which are mostly psychological and less resource dependent.

Impossible is just a block in the human brain or a theoretical probability but not a realistic virtue.

We human beings have been known to comply, converse, conduct, control and counter feats which seemed theoretically immune at the time of their incarceration.

So, a question which arises here is what should a person do to turn the impossible seeming situation to a possibility and achieve success?

Well, a series of steps have been henceforth formulated for the process of making the impossible possible.

1) Analyse The Situation

Understand the situation or the problem to the best of your intellectual prowess and even consider secondary or tertiary consultants such as trusted friends, guardians, parents and teachers for better understanding.

Here, a yet another prospect is to research on the matter will multiple sources so that it provides you theoretical knowledge on the subject and helps you to enlighten certain vague parts of your understood problem.

2) Evaluate The Resources

If that’s an evaluation

of what we are capable of doing,…that’s a

good sign.– Jon Gruden

Assess all the resources required to perform the task and start collecting or commissioning the required articles, people or bonds.

3) Organize Yourself

Science is organised

knowledge. Wisdom is

organised life. – Immanuel kant

Coordinate your resources and your team in a proper systematic profile so that you can access them without difficulty and with a crystal clear knowledge of how and where to generate, access and apply them instantly.

4) Plan The Event

Commission a set of steps or a set of guiding stones which will show you the path and will help to follow a probable way to success and will cause less casualties or chances of failure will reduce considerably and also chances of going rogue will nullify.

Basically what it means is for you to plan out the event.

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5) Always Have A Plan B

Have alternate plans ready. Here you need to device certain alternate plans along with the most probable one so that if the master plan fails you have others in place and can pick up on them from a certain checkpoint and not fumble into failure.

6) Other Qualities Required

Certain psychological qualities or professional values are required to turn impossible into possible. They are:

1.a) Self Confidence:

We need to have firm faith in our abilities and our powers.

We need to trust our gut, our work, our team, our skills, ideas, plans, resources and our goal which will boost our morale in certain unfavourable situations

1.b) Self Discipline:

We need to be punctual, hard-working, and disciplined so that we can be physically and mentally trained to do our job and achieve our targets.

1.c) Motivation:

We can get the required motivation by researching about legendary discoveries and feats achieved by people which seemed impossible and which can be as simple as going to the moon or climbing Everest.

A motivated person is more likely to fight failure and turn it into another milestone than a one who is not. So, Proper and righteous motivation is extremely required for turning an impossible task into a possibility and you should always try to keep your self Positive, Focused, and Motivated By Avoiding Negative Things.

7) Hard Work





Hard work is something which is always a key ingredient of any plan and is the basis of any success.

It cannot be compromised with and has no alternative. It is a must to win or to make something impossible into possible.

Smart work is equally important and cannot be compromised with but it is important to understand that we shouldn’t do hard work where smart work is required and vice versa.

8) Have Patience

Patience is not the

ability to wait, but the ability

to keep a good attitude

while waiting. – Joyce Meyer

Patience is appreciated in such places as sometimes time is required to achieve a feat and sometimes excessive time is taken for a reaction to occur due to slow catalyst or non-ready reactants or basically something gone wrong in the proceedings which takes time to get booted and without patience may end up getting short circuited.

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9) Keep Yourself Determined

You can do what you

have to do, and sometimes you can do even better

than you think you can. –  Jimmy Carter

The attitude of not giving up takes a man far and firmly forward. Even when we fail we learn from it and use it in our next alternate plan to not repeat the same mistake twice or better our model plan.

We all know the story of Thomas Elva Edison who said after failing to devise a light after a 1000 trials that he had found a 1000 ways by which a light cannot be made. Such should be the level of confidence, motivation and an attitude of not giving up ever.

The word Impossible itself says I am possible but to those who have the right attitude and approach to life and have the fire in them to turn highly rogue events in their favour and achieve feats which seem non achievable.

So, the magic mantra is nothing but the attitude and approach to that event.

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