7 Reasons Why People Who Talk To Themselves Are Smarter

if you keep on talking to yourself then you are actually smart!

Do you have a psycho friend who talks to air? Do you always find his/her lips moving as if he/she is speaking? Do you feel a little embarrassed to walk with him/her down the street?

Surely, you think of your friend to be dangerously similar to Gollum of Lord of the Rings.

You find them talking to every single thing in their room, from a pen to clothes to shoes to everything. You find that extremely crazy. After all, even crazy people talk to themselves.

You would have recommended your friend to see a psychologist for sure! But do you know, their crazy habit is actually good?

A small habit of talking to oneself can make you far better than other ordinary people. Even Albert Einstein used to talk to himself. Einstein.org reports that he “used to repeat his sentences to himself softly.”

See, if your friend talks to himself, don’t underestimate him. He might be the next Einstein.

1. Talking helps you focus well

When we’re reading something and our concentration is destroyed by some people talking loud, you tend to read out loud to maintain your focus.

But, people who talk to themselves have realized this technique and apply it in their lives. They are extremely focused when they are doing their work and nothing can disturb them. You may speak to them while they’re working; I bet you’ll be ignored like a dumb, invisible man.

2. Boosts your memory

When we were small our teachers would make us sing or speak some lines in unison. Even if we didn’t know what it meant, we still remembered them.

Most of us have memorized tables like this.

When you talk to yourself, you may be speaking the same thing over and over. With this, you’ll remember what you’re saying for a long time. And you become a master at learning something new and remembering the oldest things you were ever told.

3. Talking helps you organize your thoughts

When you keep on talking to yourself, you keep on speaking your feelings again and again for hours. People who talk to themselves have spoke the same thing for hours, so they know what to speak and in which sequence to put up their points in front of people.

Hence, people who speak to themselves are better speakers and writers.

4. Talking helps you to analyze the situation better

People who talk to themselves tend to repeat a conversation they had over and over again. Whatever they read or hear is also revolving around in their head. They even have the capability to think the same thing with different people’s perspective. This helps them to analyze the situation better.

These people come out with the best solutions to a problem and have the ability to judge things right. It’s almost impossible that these people are ever wrong about any decision.

5. They never get bored

It’s not that they like to live alone. They are more comfortable in their own company. They can’t resist being themselves. They can continue to talk to themselves for hours, observe and analyze things going around. Their mind is never at rest. They’re always in a hyperactive state. They can never ever get bored.

Even if they’re quite, something is really going in their head all the time. They can practically, never get bored and don’t need anyone. They are more like Sherlock Holmes.

6. They are self motivators

People who talk to themselves keep on speaking about themselves to self. So they know their strong and weak points better than anyone. These guys are extremely confident when they are to do something new. If they’re not, they generally look in the mirror and talk to themselves to relax and motivate themselves that everything will be alright.

They are even self healers. Generally people need some friend or someone when they are dealing with an emotional breakdown. These guys don’t need anyone. They may cry their heart out and become normal because someone kept talking all that while and they completely understood their mistake and what needs to be done.

7. Talking helps to achieve your goal

When you talk to yourself, you keep on repeating things. When a list of goals is made, the person who talks to himself repeats his goal again and again. Because of this, he never forgets what he has to do. Even if they get distracted or do the opposite of what goal they had set, their mind reminds them about their goal immediately.

Hence, they always do what they have to. They stick to their goal till the end and at last achieve it.

If you too have a habit of talking to yourself, don’t be guilty of it. You generally apologize for your habit. You are far better than others. Don’t underestimate yourself. Rest all are ordinary, you are extra ordinary.

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