10 Small Ways To Make Your Girl Feel Special

Do you love a girl? Want to give her hints that you truly mad for her? A huge romantic proposal isn’t necessary. Though, all girls love that but you need to make an image of yourself in her mind so that she can never say a ‘no’ to you.

Firstly, a girl like looks of a guy but the guy’s nature and attitude towards her also matters a lot. Little things can make humongous impact on a girl. If you want to make her impress and realize her that she is special for you, here are a few small things that can make her feel that she is your ‘the one’.

1. Listen to her

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Listening to her is most important. She needs to open up with up with you and feel comfortable in your presence. To give her some special attention, eye contact is must. This proves that you are totally interested in her and you think that everything she speaks is important for you as well.

Remember her friends’ names and incidents with them. She will feel lovely. Even in today’s generation of technology, people prefer talking face to face and when you do so, avoid looking on your phone.

2. Don’t tell her to change

Accept her the way she is. Don’t tell her to change. The way she dresses up, the way she makes her hair or the way she walks or eats or sits; that is what defines her, right? If you love her, love her everything.

The moment you try to change her, you come in the black list of that girl. Every girl loves herself, the way she is. You should know to respect that.

3. A sweet message or text at random time will cheer her up a lot

Every girl loves surprises. If you surprise her with a sweet text or a note next to her table, it will cheer her up instantly. Small acts of love and concern are the sweetest. If you think of her from the start of your day till the end, let her know. Never forget to give her a good morning or good night text. That proves that she is special to you.

4. Speak respectfully

How to make a girl feel special; visit ideaplz.com

Many a times, when you try to be over friendly with the girl, you speak some words that would hurt her. Never do that mistake. Choose your words wisely. Even when you’re angry at her due to some reason, never use verbal abuse. If you do so, she will definitely have a second thought that when you both are in serious relationship, you would not respect her at all.

5. Allow her to teach you something new

Maximum guys are repulsive if the girl tries to teach you something new. Male ego! Keep that aside, guys. Don’t belittle her knowledge. She is intelligent and knows a few things better than you. Accept that. If she is teaching you something, allow her to be your teacher. (Every girl once had a dream of becoming a teacher, trust me; she loves it!)

6. Admit your mistakes and forgive her

Mostly, it is regarded that girls speak sorry very frequently. Boys never apologize. Change that mindset. If you say sorry first and admit your mistake, the girl will fall for you immediately. You’ll be one in a million guys who knows how to apologize!

When she commits a mistake, control your anger and forgive her. Let go of petty things. Advice her not to repeat them but learn to forgive her mistakes.

7. Give her gifts

How to make a girl feel special; visit ideaplz.com

Girls fancy gifts. The gift mustn’t be expensive. Gift is a gift. Surprise her. A handmade card or a chocolate or a flower or a movie she likes, anything will impress her. An unexpected gift at a random moment leaves a long lasting impression, seriously!

Remember her choices and give her things what she likes or something she longed for.

8. Respect her parents and family

A girl loves her family the most. Learn to respect her family and their norms and ethics. Maybe you don’t like the rules they follow at her home but don’t be repulsive towards it. Her family defines her nature as well.

If you don’t like her family, you won’t like the girl as well. She will immediately stop liking you if dare to say a word against her family members.

9. Don’t stop her from doing the things she like to do

Many times, the guy becomes really possessive and might stop the girl from talking to her male friends or go out when she wants to. Don’t be such conservative. Don’t part her from things she love to do. This will ultimately change her and you’ll get a sad version of your girl.

Give her a little space in her life so that she can pursue all she loves. If you allow her to do anything she wishes for, she’ll deep inside be happy because of you and will develop a certain trust which slowly and gradually will become unbreakable!

10. Make plans with her

If you need to take some decision, don’t forget to take her advice. She will tell the solution according to her perspective. This will show that her suggestions really matter in your life and that she is very important to you and that she is special to you!

how to make a girl feel special

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